Friday, December 19, 2008


Just yesterday I was saying how much I loved Jack's new bed and now I'm not so sure. On Wednesday he fell out of his bed while napping and hurt his arm. He would whimper when we picked him up so we thought it was just sore or something, and decided to see how it was the next morning.

Well, next morning came and he still acted like it hurt. It wasn't swelling and he was still moving it normally, but just winced every so often. We decided to take him to see the doctor just in case, we'd rather take him and have them tell us nothing is wrong than regretting it later.

They took an X-Ray and I felt so bad that I couldn't be in there with him because I'm pregnant. He was so brave and didn't even cry - although the nurse that held him said he was shaking pretty bad :(.

The doctor said it wasn't bad but put him in a sling just to be safe. The good news is that the type of fracture it is happens to be very mild and she told me that even if we hadn't brought him in, it probably would have just healed by itself. But since we know about it, she wanted to sling it as a precaution. We have to keep the sling on all the time except when he sleeps for 2 weeks just so it doesn't get jostled around too much.

To me it doesn't seem to do much good since Jack still uses his arm the same as he always did, but doctor's orders! He doesn't even seem to mind having it on, he just plays the same as always. I know this kind of thing happens to kids all the time but it's so much more sad when it's your own kid you have to see in a sling. Little kids look so sad in casts and slings and stuff. We aren't getting rid of the bed just yet - but one more fall and I might just have to put a mattress on the floor!!

You can't see the sling really well since he's wearing the same color shirt but you can see it enough that it makes me sad!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Jackson is finally in a toddler bed and seems to be really enjoying the freedom! Josh changed the crib to a bed 2 weeks ago while I was out and he was watching Jackson. It's a good thing he just did it without me knowing since I would have never said Jack was ready for a big boy bed! Josh had been wanting to change it for a while now and I kept telling him no. I was so nervous that it would be a big hassle and that Jackson wouldn't stay in bed and that it would be hard (yes, I'm a baby!).
The first night we had to put him back in his bed twice, and he cried, but since then he's been great and has done a really great job of being a big kid and staying in there! My other fear was that he would roll right out since he moves a lot when he sleeps. Well, he's done that twice now - but I guess that's what happens sometimes! I try not to worry too much but I realize that it's a transition we had to make sooner or later.
All in all it's been great and I love that he can get out by himself in the morning and keep himself busy or come wake me up. He's getting so big sometimes I can't believe it. Josh was of course very pleased with himself but didn't even say 'I told you so' once (even thought I am certain he was thinking it! I love my boys!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our New Puppy

Lately, Jackson's favorite thing to do is pretend he is a puppy. He comes to me on his hands and kness with a toy in his mouth and likes to have me throw it so he can fetch it. I don't know why he started to doing this but it sure makes me laugh! After he fetches the toy, he'll stick his tongue out and pant and likes me to rub his head and say 'good puppy!'. He also likes to eat 'puppy snacks' which are usually just some Teddy Grahams or something. He is a funny little guy!