Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girls Weekend

Last weekend I went to SLC with my Mom and sisters for an all-girls March Madness Extravaganza Getaway. (My Mom called it something like that, I'm sure I didn't get it right!) Lynlee was down from MT and Hilary came down from WY for Lynlee's baby shower (pics of that to come) We decided there was no better time to get away from the boys for a weekend! We shopped and stayed in a hotel and played cards and ate junk food - meaning it was absolutely fabulous! We had such a good time, I love spending time with the girls!! I love you! It was over way too fast, but hopefully we'll get to do it again soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Acts of Kookiness

I was informed by Natalie that I seriously needed to update my blog. I have been aware of this for some time but apparently I just needed a little nudge (thanks Nat!). I really have nothing new to share, that's been one of the reasons I haven't added anything for a while. Until I have some real stuff, here's a few silly pictures Jackson and I have taken. I get bored a lot (as if you couldn't tell!), so I make Jackson take a lot of random, weird pictures with me.

Other people do this, don't they?
Who knew I was so monkey-like?

I know he looks tortured, but I swear he thought it was funny too!

He was trying to smile, his mouth just isn't as gigantic as mine and it didn't really come across

We were doing some repairs around the house

Jackson insisted on the goggles, he wasn't about to take any chances - those
darn plastic tools can be dangerous!